Got a soft spot for nature? Want to have a great time? Wildlife is your scene. A club that’s getting back on its feet after the death of the former beloved patron, Mr. Kigozi who meet his sudden demise during the COVID 19 global pandemic (May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace).  However, we as the Nabisunsa ladies acknowledge the efforts of Mr. Tugumisizire Jimmy, the current club patron together with a newly elected cabinet who are working tirelessly to devise fresh ideas and get the club back on track, their efforts are greatly appreciated.

For the past 15 years, the club has done a terrific job giving the ladies of Nabisunsa in depth information about various game parks and reserves, involving us in the wildlife affairs of our country , organizing prominent functions, one being a grand pageant where Miss Nabisunsa is chosen basing on talent, skill and beauty. Not only do such events give the ladies’ a chance to showcase their abilities but also boosts their confidence.

However, Mr. Tugumisizire informed us about the efforts they’re making to restore the club’s glory , we can expect more functions in the nearby future ,