Just as you know, Nabisunsa has existed for a long time, hence implying that the uniform has changed over the years. The school was first a junior school and the girls wore a white dresses

First Nabisunsa Uniform

When the school was made a secondary school, they wore a white shirt, a green skirt and a belt.

The Form ones wore purple, the Form twos wore pink, the Form threes wore  green and the Form fours wore blue. No slippers on school uniform, no jewelry, no plaiting hair (only natural hair), no head scarfs, no belts. This was in the year 1973. The A level uniform has not changed except from the material.

A levels and F4s then

Current uniform

The Nabisunsa uniform is a unique one. Due to its uniqueness, It brings pride and culture to the school. It comes with different colors for every class and the same style for the O levels: a dress and a belt, black or brown shoes, a white sweater, no veil, no jewelry, no makeup, no socks, no open shoes, no none 
school sweaters, no hair.

F1 uniform
F2 Uniform

And for the A levels: a blue skirt, a white shirt, black or brown shoes, a white sweater, respectively

A level uniform

For our prefects uniform, it is dark blue a dress for the O levels and a skirt and shirt for the A levels. The the councilors uniform, it is dark green respectively. The latest uniform is that of the NAMSA, it posses a pale blue color.

Sports wear.

Yellow East
Yellow West
Pink East
Pink West
Green East
Green West
Blue East
Blue West

current photos by: Kyomugisha Britty and Atuhairwe Ruth Precious Old photos by:Nagginda Maisoon