Coach Kiringa Isaac has been coaching Nabiusnsa since 2016 most likely because Lacrosse  was just being supported .

The interview with him;

What made you join Nabisunsa?

“I first came here as a volunteer  for 4 years. We were many who used to coach in turns as external volunteers, some who coached were Coach Nakato Dorothy who is currently the captain of the Uganda National Lacrosse Team and one of the best female lacrosse players in the country , Amono Beatrice whose currently in the US and I who decided to volunteer beacuse the girls had a lot of passion for the game and the school was very supportive.”

How did you find things ?

“By then , the school had no field but it would try to put camps and more for lacrosse . I found Mr.  Semyagi as the  lacrosse coach by then and at the same time an Art Teacher which it difficult for him to coach a school team, with time I became the head coach and Mr. Semyagi the patron till date.”

Is this game beneficial?

“Yes ,it is ,we have managed to raise the esteem of the girl child. We have instilled the winning mentality in the girls , further more , we put Nabisunsa on the African Map .We havemanaged to get some students scholarships for example Nandala Marion got one in Makerere University of Business School (MUBS) on sports ticket. Gaylene Denise Gafurage , she managed to get a scholarship to Queen’s University Belfast Ireland.”

What has the team achieved?

“ We have hosted  Coach Peter Ginengar from Claremont Collages in USA , Tom Mcabe  the Development director from world Lacrosse , Janel Lee from Korea Lacrosse , Christine Schieber  and Taylor Pennel from Colombia University. We have been the silver medalists since2016 -2018 . We  won National High Championships in2018 and 2019. The team between 2017 -2018 is the one that managed to beat Namagunga Girls’ Secondary School ,which was the best in Uganda and Nabisunsa was the second best which made us the best in Uganda up to date.”


“90% of the girls that sat S.4 last year all got below 20 aggregates of which the Captain got 10 aggregates , so sports shouldn’t be an excuse for failure. This game is not for everyone though it has been a privilege to coach Nabisunsa.”

Fun Fact: Nabisunsa is the pioneer of Lacrose in Africa since its a new sport.

Compiled by Natukunda Angel.