Hajjat Nabukeera Zulaika (1992 to 2016)

Hajjat Nabukeera Zulaika (2017 till now)

She was first a deputy during Hajjat Aisha’s time and later on made a head teacher of the great girl institution in 2017 till now. She is assisted by Hajjat Nakibuule Aisha Kibirige who is in charge of welfare, Hajjat Nambajjwe Mastula Serugo in charge of discipline and Hajj Kimera Badru in charge of academics.

If we are to talk about the achievements she has made then we definitely wouldn’t finish anytime soon. When everybody thought Hajjat Aisha had done all the innovation, she has added even more.  One who came to this great institution would describe the school fence as one made of sticks but when she came in this changed. She has made a perimeter wall around the school. A wall that fits in the category of a G8 school. One that defines Nabisunsa in a better way.

If we were to define the way the Sunsas bathrooms looked before then surely one would get depressed. The first impressions one would have are: How am I going to shower with no showers?  What if the ‘lessu’ acting as the door is pulled away by someone or blown away by wind? But all these equations were all solved with the introduction of the new bathrooms on both Eastern and Western sides of the school. The students got a better environment in which they could clean themselves and emerge squeaky clean. Initially, the toilets weren’t the most pleasing to use but after her arrival she renovated the toilets into better one so that the ladies could have a conducive environment.

The senior ones from any school are usually intimidated being that they are new. How will the new environment treat them? Will they be bullied? Would they be segregated and feel out of place? Well she also solved this equation by giving it the best solution, form one dormitories. These are Annex M dormitories and the new pink east dormitories. This has helped form ones adapt to the new environment compared to how they were adapting to it at first.

She also completed the upper block of Aisha flats as Hajjat Aisha found it not as ready as it was meant to be. She has also modified the sick bay as it was initially not in the very best of conditions for the sick.  During her reign, a strategic plan 2022-2026 that is intended to make Nabisunsa a better place has been approved. This plan entails enhanced and sustained academic excellence, improved students and staff welfare, revamped infrastructure in terms of construction of new classrooms, ICT and Science laboratories, Hostels, Staff Residences, expanded and better equipped sickbay, new expanded mosque, improved road network and construction of a modern sports arena. (Courtesy of the gazelle: Hajj Juma Yusuf Walusimbi, Chairman BOG).  We pray to God the plan is implemented.