Nabisunsa was one of the first schools to allow girls’ volleyball in Uganda , Volleyball was originally known as a males’ sport. “The man behind the increasing success of the school of all this in none other than Mr. Osuman Lukwago who increasingly sacrifices anything for the good of the game both at National and International level and in Nabisunsa.” –2002 Gazzelle-   Mr. Lukwago was the sports master of NGS and as said earlier contributed greatly to its success. Volley Ball was it!

 Coach Ochan Denis , Mr.Osunge Juma and Mr.Lukwago (May His Soul Rest In Peace) are the coaches who’ve coached Nabisunsa Volleyball teams before Coach Obek . He started coaching the  Nabisunsa  volleyball team in 2014. Coach Obek found the Late . ,Mr. Kafumbe Douglas as the patron Volleyball and School’s Games Master.  “He was one of the people who pushed Volleyball to the next level , not much has changed  since he died , though we’re 5th best Government School in Uganda.” Said Coach Obek.

Currenntly, Mr. Noordin stepped into the shoes of the late Mr. Kafumbe as the Volleyball Patron. During Mr. Kafumbe’s regime as patron, Nabisunsa qualified for East Africa in Tanzania ,Dar-es-salaam. “That is the time we played against Tanga Secondary School of Tanzania , we were playing the fifth set and Tanga was  leading 8:2, I called for a substitute, Bateze Riyan to warm up and get on court but instead she run out of the stadium, the game was first paused so that we could run after her, ……………………………………” They won the game but the down side was  that afterward Mr. Kafumbe fell sick most likely because of the pressure, he neither drunk nor ate for nearly two days, that is how much he loved the game .

Another tournament won by the volleyball team was in 2016 , the Semi-Finals in Mbarara ,Umea with Mariam High School  , they had to beat it to 2:0, the pressure was so high that all the girls got cramps instantly despite the cramps , they won 2:0 .

“ One of the funny moments was in 2015 ,I and the girls had agreed as a team that we had beat Kawempe Muslim in Umea  in Masaka , I ask the girls before going that if Kawempe beats us what should happen and they asked for ten ‘kiboko’ each , it so happened that   we lost the game , the moment we got back to school all the teachers that accompanied us and I gave them 10 each as they asked for.”

(Without Nambeko Winnie , Nanteza Peace , Ojok Comfort , Ankunda Denise Martha Kulobo and more, the team wouldn’t have made it this far. )

Compiled by Natukunda Angel