About The Authors

Nagginda Maisoon is currently in S2 South.  She is delighted to have worked on the Sunsas Bloodline and it was a thrilling experience being group leader. She worked alongside Karungi Daniella ,secretary of the website, on the administration sector. They came across a number of challenges but they are what make life interesting and them overcoming the challenges is what made the journey meaningful. On a personal note, She is the O level representative debate club and she loves participating in competitive debating where she’s got some certificates to put on her CV hoping to get even more in future. Insha Allah. She also loves reading and her favourite subject currently is Chemistry. She is a diehard of Arsenal Football Club.

Bukenya Aliyah Ruth is a very competitive person and exemplary leader, not to mention captain of the junior basketball team, class monitress of S2 South and just has the natural leadership skill. As you see from above, she loves sports, she’s played football, swimming and currently basketball. Oh! not to forget she is a Man-U diehard “Hey to all my Man U sisters out there” she says.

She handled the sports sector and other areas as well

I’m smart, im very good at acting, my favourite colour is purple because it is pretty. i have always wanted to visit Hawaii because it reminds me of Moana. My favorite cartoon is Moana. According to me, I wish to become a doctor because i like to help people.

Shirat Nabatanzi Namusoke is a 16 year old and is currently in S2 South. She loves reading and telling stories in her free time. Her favourite subject is Math. Her hobbies are swimming. She supports Manchester United Football Team. She is one of the people were handling houses.

Nakyanzi Janat is a fifteen year old girl in S2 South. Her favourite colour is green. In her free time she enjoys reading novels and reading the Quran or listening to Islamic teaching. She loves nature and music. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her favorite sports are football, netball and basketball. Neymar is her favorite football player and she supports Manchester United.

Nakalanzi Faith is a proud Nabisunsa lady. She loves God very much and above all He is her bestie. She cherishes her family. She loves putting a smile on people through preaching to them the gospel and making pranks. She says ,” Enjoy your journey with our fabulous website.”

Irankunda Angel is one of the people who compiled up the history of Nabisunsa in the Sports part. She is 16 years old and currently in S2 South. She loves playing volleyball and she is on the junior senior team Club 61. She loves doing art while listening to music. She loves her brothers and parents. She says her brothers are so encouraging and they are one of the reasons why she plays volleyball.

Achen Cidonia Ramona is a 15 year old from Hillside Primary School Naalya and is currently in S2 South. She loves Pinterest Surfing as a hobby and loves debating and basketball. She supports liverpool and Barcelona FC. She doesn’t have any favorite subject.

Ankunda Danniella is a 15-year-old girl and a student of Nabisunsa Girls’ due to unfortunate circumstances. Her hobbies mainly revolve around sleep, memes, food, Greek mythology…..obviously not forgetting watching anime. When she isn’t being a nuisance to society, she’s watching serial killer documentaries and drowning herself in fantasy novels.

Karungi Daniella, a 15-year-old Wattpad novelist, Leadership manager and secretary of the Sunsas legacy. She love books and she’s not particularly discriminative when it comes to the genres but she does fancy fantasy, adventure, teen fic, Young Adult and Romance. She believe books are an unremitting world just waiting to be explored. Other than books, she loves swimming, Greek mythology, music, bible study, working out, eating, binge watching Netflix, stalking memes in the middle of the night, random self-transformation videos she’ll never follow and sleeping. Her top priorities are God, my family and my friends. “Remember, when you focus on the good, the good gets better.” She says.

Joy Liong Mondi is a 16-year-old girl who loves music in particular singing,and dancing too .In her free time, she watches anime and reads novels ,she is also an upcoming novelist. She also loves drawing and art but because of circumstances, she couldn’t do art.She is also loves games and sports and she was the second best runner in her primary.She worked in the sector of Club history.go read.

Shamim loves her family and its her priority. She likes reading novels. She likes football. She supports Liverpool and her favourite players are Alison Baker and Virgil Vandijk. Her favorite colours are red for brotherhood and green for nature.