Mr Mbaziira Swaib(1985 to 1992)

Mr Mbaziira Swaib.(1885 to 1992)

Mr. Mbazzirra and his wife

Who was he?

First in Gombe Secondary School then transferred to Nabisunsa Girls’ School. He was the first Muslim head teacher the girls’ school had. He was the very first male head teacher assisted by his deputies Mrs Ayiseni and Mr Wangubo who was replaced by Hajjat Aisha after being transferred to Bombo SS as head teacher. He came with a full force ready to make Nabisunsa one of the greatest. He was to erase the illicit behaviours of the then Nabisunsa Girls. He built the very first school gate. Though simple, it was to control the escaping of the girls from school. A hardworking man he was! During his time in Nabisunsa, Mr Mbazira used to put effort in whatever his hands and mind would decide to embark on. Surprisingly he wouldn’t only stop at that but he would also ensure the students were in good condition. He would critically check the dormitory so as to ensure that everything is okay with the ladies. This was also his way of roll call as the students often called it then. He ensured discipline of the ladies of Nabisunsa and emphasized etiquette. Nabisunsa used to show its discipline in a law known as the ‘Dig Law’ (dignity law) where Sunsas girls never used to run even when it rained. They used to walk with their heads raised up to express confidence and they were meant to be seen not heard.  He made sure a Nabisunsa lady is moulded into a role model and not just anybody in society. The ladies of Nabisunsa made sure they held a certain standard compared to the rest. Though the students then didn’t like the strictness, they learnt that it was for their best interest. In fact if he had been even less strict then maybe the values wouldn’t have been received as they were meant to.


In his reign, International Development Agency (IDA) donated dormitories on both the Western and Eastern ends of the school. The same agency donated the old labs and former library. Mr Mbaziira later built Block A and B for the A levels. He boosted sports like basketball, volleyball, racket games etc. Nabisunsa started competing at national level. Nabisunsa started actively participating in sports days and MDDs. This was done in houses i.e. Yellow East, Blue East, Green East, Pink East, Yellow West, Blue West, Green West and Pink West. The winning house of MDD at that time would go to National Theatre. He brought up the gazelle i.e. Nabisunsa School Magazine. However strict he was the ladies were allowed to interact with other school e.g. Namilyango College and St. Mary’s College Kisubi  for example in 1990 the f4s of Sunsas went to social with SMACK. He later on saw that ladies were spending too much time on their hair and less on books which made him and the BOG at that time to make a resolution banning hair in both O and A level. He sadly left in 1992 leaving a hanging project which was the white hall basement. He was transferred to Lubiiri SS then after some time he went ahead to participate in the building of Mariam High currently headed by Janat Kakumba. He is currently in retirement after his