According to old files , Football was an already exsisiting sport  in the  earlier years but began to die out. In 2018 , Mr. Namudala and Mr. Mukibi cooperated.  Mr.Namudala says he was passionate about the game so he decided to bring back the sport. He says making a team was easy because the girls had the interest and skill ,the first team was ;

  • Daniella
  • Lukela Aminah
  • Nabuyondo
  • Mwuiza Maimuna
  • Fridous Nabyire
  • Destiny Luke and others…

The pitch was available and so were the facilities  contributed by the school but the only issue at first, was finding a coach. Though within no time, Mr. Kafumbe ( May His Soul Rest In Peace) helped get one. Mr . Namudala says that the sport was developing at a fast rate that by 2019 , the team attended its first Qualifiers at Old Kampala Secondary  School, which was  sadly as well their last because the game begins to slowly die again .

Rumor has it that its because the school isn’t funding it anymore that the coach was taken off the payroll because the sport has no potential and that the decision was made by the Board of Governors. The “ team” has been facilitating itself since then and could be one of the  only reasons the game still exists today in Nabisunsa .  Would there be  a  difference in the success of the sport if the school actually supported the sport.

The football team getting ready to play
One more picture for memories
Coach adressing the girls before a match