Ms Dorothy Allan (1964 to around 1972)

Ms Dorothy Allan.(1964 to around 1972)

First on right with teachers
Forth from the right , with students

 The 3rd headmistress of Nabisunsa was a white woman known as Miss Dorothy Allan. She came to the school in 1964. The girls’ school then had turned secondary making her the first headmistress of the secondary school. It was done with an aim to provide the Muslim girl child with further education. Most men used to take their children to Madrassa School where they would only learn Qur’an and not the formal education.  There was a desire from the Muslim community to have a Muslim secondary school just like the Catholics had St. Mary’s Namagunga with Trinity College Nabingo  and Anglicans had Gayaza High School. This was due to the fear that the girls could convert to Christianity after studying from this schools. A white woman was the very first head teacher and the school then had the same blocks but it was only having an ordinary level of education and the students were noted to have increased to 25 students making it fifty two girls because a few portion of the people would take girls for further education and many took it as a waste of time because either way they would end up married as housewives. One of the old girls is Brig. Gen. Rebecca Mpagi who says she liked her dog so much that the dog’s birthday was always celebrated