Nabisunsa Girls’ Secondary School was started by Prince Badru. It was at first a Primary school but it turned into a Junior Secondary School in 1958. It was aided with buildings for example Dorms, laboratories, staffroom, main hall, F.2 block and library by the International Development Agency.  The  first dormitory to be built was Pink East Extension where by its first room was used as the mosque by that time. The school was officially opened after completing to build the western dormitories.

Two wings were built ;the western wing and the eastern wing. The houses were named according to the International Development Agency (IDA) colours  for example Pink, Green, Yellow and Blue and the second name was according to the wing  the dormitory was situated.

Yellow East
Yellow West
Pink East
Pink West
Green East
Green West
Blue East
Blue West

For the uniforms, each house used to collect money and they could agree with altogether that is to say the parents, students of that house and the house fathers and mothers could agree on which colour to put on for example Pink West used to put on red while others had yellow, blue etc.

The Yellow East Sports Kit

House mothers of the eastern wing at that time used to sleep at their houses while those in the western wing did not because they didn’t have where to sleep by their dormitories at that time. Some of the house mothers and fathers of the above houses during that time were: Hajjat Simpo (she was the Pink West mother from 1987 up to date) and the house father was Mr. Ssemujju who was transferred later to Kitante Secondary school

Pink East was Mrs .Ntanda Jamiira in 2018 and she is still known for her strictness and toughness by the girls.

Green East was Mr.Bbato by then

Annex L was a library before it was made a dormitory

During that time ,it was one auntie who used to lock both western and eastern dormitories

After lunch time ,aunties used to have private talks with the students who had problems and would help them.

In 1999 ,block A and block B located in the western wing were built for A levels by Mr. Mbazira Swaib who was the Headmaster by then.

Mr.Mbazira built the lower part of the white hall during his time as head master and it was completed by Hajjat Aisha Lubega the former headmistress of Nabisunsa Girls’ Secondary School.

Hajjat Zulaika Nabukeera  renovated the Pink East bathrooms and also built Annex M dormitory in 2019.



It wears a  baby pink colour. Also known as the winning house in sports.


It wears a sky blue colour.


It wears a pale yellow color


It wears a lime green.



It wears a  fire yellow color.

Green East

It has a forest green colour

Pink East

it has a hot pink colour

Blue East

It has a dark blue colour

Key Points to note

1969- Houses started. In 1987 the idea of house mothers was introduced in Nabisunsa and currently, house mothers are chosen by the administration. It is only when they choose to step down, that, the house mothers are replaced. House mothers are not changed from one house to another for example; from Blue East to Yellow West since this would not exactly be proper. In 1988, house Fathers were introduced in Nabisunsa as well. This was precisely because the number of male teachers in the school overpowered the females [and still does] so the administration saw the need to deploy certain male teachers as house fathers (Most probably for the sake of gender equality😊!)


Pink west house has been the best house in sports through out the years. Known for having the best runners and athletes through out the years. A number of sports girls come from this house.

Blue East has been the best house in cleanliness for many years

But as per now Green East is ruling the school in both MDD and cleanliness.

As per now (2022) the following are the house parents of our houses.

GREEN EAST: -Sheikhat Hawa Ndagire

                         -Mr. Namudaala Abubaker

GREEN WEST: – Mrs.Matovu Esther

                           -Mr. Mukiibi Abdul-aziz

PINK EAST     :- Mrs.Kisakye Marion

                         -Sheikh Kikomeko Abdullah

PINKWEST    :-Hajjat Simple Mwajuma

                         -Mr.Kakande Umar

YELLOW EAST: -Mrs.Chebet Falantine

                          -Mr.Kiyonga Swaleh

YELLOW WEST: -Hajat Hajarah

                          -Mr. Muleto Sadrack

BLUE EAST        :-Mrs.Rahima Lubega

                             -Mr. Musanje Kassim

BLUE WEST        :-Mrs. Sarah Namalwa

                              -Mr. Mawazo Muhammad

They have a responsibility to ensure that the students in their houses have no difficulties while their particular houses and that the students ably participate in all house activities.

A word from one of the oldest house mothers.

Hajjat Simple

Initially it had very few students.

The students were old in age and about 36 in number.

Hajjat Simple Mwajuma’s challenges in the house include; young girls aren’t easy to work with unlike her older girls of back then, over the years the house is not very clean due to their increase in numbers.

Best items the house competed in include; netball volleyball, then basketball came along as well.

Inter-house activities

As a house, students get participate in house interhouse games like MDD, Quran recitation ,Career days ,Science fairs Sports and many more the girls compete in these activities to get gifts like shoes, bags , dresses, plates, cups, watches and also get recognized by the headmistress. The winning house and the student that participated best get the privilege to have their names put on a shield that is kept in the headmistress office.


Most houses have been keeping an outstanding performance in cleanliness, sports and MDD but as of 2022 GREEN EAST has been emerging the first  and looks like its still going.

Green Easterners , Pink Westerners  and Blue Easterners thank their house parents for putting in most effort in order to maintain their performance in house activities.

Here is a bit about some of the activities in Nabisunsa

On Sports Days, the Nabisunsa community usually competed in the following activities:

According to Hajjat Simple, she improved the house over the years and has achieved her goals. Pink west has produced a large number of sports  girls from netball, volleyball, then basketball came along from which she also attained sports girls meanwhile the house has also been academically sound which is quite ironic since most people believe the sports girls “don’t have time for books”. It has become a mission to eradicate this myth from the minds of the girls of Nabisunsa. Most prefects also came from this house especially headgirls, which is quite remarkable. The general performance of the house in school competitions has been good especially in items like volleyball, basketball, drama, sport, and speech. The Motto for Pink west is ‘NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER’ and according to the members, is quite true, hence, all other houses must “beware”😉!

Hajjat simple’s future plans include;

Reducing the numbers in the dorm to improve the aspect of hygiene.


Pink west house has been the best house in sports through out the years. Known for having the best runners and athletes through out the years. A number of sports girls come from this house.

Blue East has been the best house in cleanliness for many years. But as per now Green East is ruling the school in both MDD and cleanliness.

Next a little from one of our OG’s  

                Itogot Amy

She is now (2022)  a Lawyer by profession and training .She was here for her   A’ level  in 2007-2008.She was attached to the house Green East .When we asked her about her experiences in the Inter-house activities she said, “The MDD of Nabisunsa Girls School was different from that of other schools.”  She also said,” The students training and acting was something I had never seen before.”

This brings me to fact that due to being grouped in houses, students are able to fight for the respective houses and bring them to victory. These activities that we participate in encourage competition in students  and develop the students skills and talents.

In summary there are 8 houses in Nabisunsa Girls School. Every student was given a house in which they are supposed to be in until end of their six or four years here and it is still our tradition up to now .It was a must for each student to participate within their house for every house activity.

Fun Fact

The eastern houses are in the direction where the sun rises and the western where the sunsets. So the beauty of sunrise is for an easterner and the beauty of sunset is for westerners.

Random short ryhme

As yellow as the sun

And as bright as light

Its Yellow East  house

They are born to win