NF Club


No one can deny their love for food in this generation if you do then you aren’t considered a human. I couldn’t wait to put something on food finally, especially this wonderful club “Nutrition and Food’’ club just how its name states. Mr. Kalumira Francis, the patron and founder of this club, had to restore it after the collapse of the previous food club “I Tech”, when the previous patron departed from the school.

The Nutrition and Food club partners up with countless clubs to provide snacks during their functions, obviously not forgetting the eventful Grand Debate, Poetry Ka Chai and…. The NF Club made VD quite an event to go bananas over as they prepared sumptuous snacks that made the public clamour for more. Because of this superb club, the ladies can now enjoy mouthwatering pizzas, hotdogs, burgers, cake, sandwiches, fries, salads, chicken, white rice, vegetable rice and Joy’s personal favorite, pilau masala.

Like everything else, the club has had its ups and downs ranging from lack of adequate equipment, need for corporation between club members to scarcity of storage facilities and small working space. However the lovely club president, Shona dreams of a nutrition sensitive Nabisunsa, a larger Nutrition and Food club with improved facilities as well as equipment and a community that is sensitive about its food.