Upon arriving Nabisunsa Girls School on reporting day, it is impossible not to; 1. Weep, 2. Notice the ‘Patriotism Club’ sign post. Admittedly, the club is one of the iconic and peaceful clubs of Sunsas , but anyone bothered to revisit its humble roots? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there’s more to this club than the tiresome raising and lowering of the flags. The club first saw its genesis on 9th October, 2010. Under the wise leadership of Mr. Mustafa Miuwa, the club was launched by Lt. Col. Henry Masiko , one of the previous secretariat for the Patriotism clubs.

We, the Nabisunsa fraternity, can thank the club for engaging the ladies in various gainful work for the good of the community. The club also made an effort to encourage its members to foster national unity and live in harmony with others.