Hajjat Aisha Lubega.  (1992 to 2016)

Hajjat Aisha talking to Mrs. Mbazzira
Hajjat Aisha as Headteacher
Hajjat Aisha currently at EC

Hajjat Aisha Lubega.  

From 1981 to 1986 she was the head of the English department, Masaka Secondary School.  1986 to 1987 she became an English literature teacher, Nabisunsa Girl’s School. In September 1987 to 1992 she was made Deputy Headmistress of Nabisunsa Girl’s School. From September 1992 to January 17th 2017, she was then made Headmistress of Nabisunsa Girls School

Who was she?

An interesting figure whose leaving left a scar on the school. This was because she had become a mother to the students. She was assisted by Mr Kaddu Juma, Hajjat Fatuma Sengendo and Hajjat Aisha Kyagaba who later left and replaced by Hajjat Nabukeera Zulaika.

Twenty four years (1992-2016) of nothing but development in the school. Development still seen and felt up to now. She completed the White Hall that was left by Mr Mbaziira. It then became a dormitory for the A levels who were then living in Block A and B.

 Aisha flats, named after her. Why? She gave teachers a place more comfortable to reside in. She felt they deserved more for the work they do than what they get.

Leave aside the teachers, a look at the students. Students need someone to talk to. Someone to relate with. Someone to depend on. Someone to rely on. Someone to ask accountability from i.e. someone to trust. And someone to report their problems to. Hajjat Aisha had those characteristics. Not only to her teachers but also to her students was she social. She could be asked for advice and she would give it in accordance to the problem.

Forget being social, imagine how frustrating assembly was for many. Standing in the scorching hot sun for an hour and more. The students found it bearable enough because they would always wait anxiously to listen to Hajjat Aisha’s poetry encouragement. She was a lady who loved speech. Even those that don’t do literature were intrigued by her. The ‘scientists’ could also engage in poetry i.e. breaking the stereotype from the public that poetry is only for literature students.

 She looked forward to Nabisunsa’s vision; “To produce a versatile   girl child who is composed, dignified, morally upright and globally competitive for national development.” To her it was important for the ladies of Nabisunsa to go all round in whatever they decide to put their mind to. She encouraged etiquette of the ladies into society.

Away from discipline, academic performance since the year she came greatly improved. In the year 1993, just a year after her arrival, Nabisunsa was privileged to attain the first position in the whole country in the UACE examinations. More Nabisunsa ladies were allowed within universities because of this outstanding performance.

During her time, the ladies started to jog in Kyambogo which was brought up by Hajjat Simpo and the late Mr Lukwago with an aim to keep the girls fit and sports even more active. The canteen wasn’t stocked with oily foods to keep the girls in shape.

In around 2009 to 2011 the then main hall was burnt down by unruly students so she decided to build new science laboratories in the area.

She changed the F4 uniform from blue to peach and F2 uniform from pink to mustard. The main hall, library and admin block, donated by the 4ADF, was built in her regime. They were still donating but there was no space. After a while of her hard work she became the Deputy Chairperson of the electoral commission.