Sister Nakazzi (1972 to 1978)

She was a catholic transferred from St. Mary’s Namagunga to Nabisunsa Girls’ Secondary School. Her sister Namirembe Bitamazire, was the minister of education then. During her time, there was no school mosque. Muslims used to pray their five daily prayers from outside school. There was a struggle due to the fact that the area wasn’t in school and they had to move for every prayer. Luckily the place was in Banda not so far away from the school.  The school was free with no school gate and fence. The girls were unruly and there was a high rate of indiscipline e.g. Smoking cigarettes, escape from school etc. because of this freedom.  The school population though gradually improved as more students were further admitted to around three hundred which was better off than earlier on. During her time there was no MDD nor sports activities. The school was at the development stage so a lot of challenges were faced. She resided in the central house which was then the head teacher’s home.