3 C


3C stands for Children Caring about Cancer. Many overlooked the heartfelt objectives of the club when it was first launched. Though, the club found it’s redemption on the Vistation Day of third term, 2022 when their project to sell cancer ribbons skyrocketed and won over the public’s hearts. 3C is a support system program, founded by the Uganda Child Cancer Foundation, to establish a real network of young people involved in the fight against cancer.

Certain individuals i.e. Abaasa Gloria Eyalama, Chelangat Esther, Hirwa Annie and Sanyu Clarisa , all from Senior Five Arts made this serene club known to Nabisunsa Girls’ School. Despite being launched recently, the club has already accomplished a great deal of achievements which include , visiting the Cancer Institute the club took donations and had an interaction with the children who were beyond delighted to be visited and cared about. Another being the Ribbon Week , a fundraising activity where ribbons, each representing a different form of cancer, were sold at a fair price of one thousand shillings only.

The General Secretary, Abaasa Gloria further enlightened us about the club. Not only was 3C formed to create awareness of cancer among students but also reduce on the stigma that comes along with cancer as well as finding all possible solutions to assist the affected victims. Though, we were informed the only obstacles they faced were getting a patron, thankfully Mr. Habib Ssenyonjo came to their rescue. The club would like to express its gratitude to Hajjat Mastula Nambajjwa , the Deputy Headmistress for granting them permission to operate in school.