I had a chat with Hajjat Mwajuma or popularly known as ‘ Hajjat Simple’ because well she’s ………, you know. Most of us know her as this sports enthusiast , well, it stretches way back, Hajjat started doing sports in her University , she did Netball, Basketball and was a great runner too.  She’s represented the country at both national and  international levels in all the three sports above . She’s such a vital icon in Ugandan Women Sports History that some of her accomplishments are still recognized till date at the Games Union ,Makerere University.

We know as sports person, yes, but no one has bothered to find out how big of impact she has had on the Nabisunsa Sports sector.

Hajjat Simple joined the Nabisunsa fraternity in 1985, she says that there were no signs of sports in Nabisunsa . No courts , no pitch ..nothing that would give a clue about sports “There was just space,” she says.1-2years down the road in either 1987 or1986 , sports comes into the picture. With the help of 2 sports activists, Hajjat Simple and the Late Mr. Lukwago, working hand in hand ,these two started a “ game changer” without knowing it  . Hajjat says that the first sports NGS started with were Handball, LawnTennis  ,Volleyball and Basketball, she adds on to say, “ it was difficult at first but wasn’t long before the  facilities were built.” The Netball court was constructed where the current Main hall is, the Handball court where the current volleyball court is,  the TableTennis players used to use the DH as their training grounds or inside the old staff room, the LawnTennis court was behind the Main hall  where the ‘A’ levels hang their clothes and the basketball team would go to Kyambogo  for training. After getting the facilities it was not done yet, getting the facilitators was another task for both. Hajjat says that her and Mr. Lukwago strived to look for coaches , she says that they just got ’students’ of Kyambogo University who helped coach the different teams, some were Coach Monday Jerune, Coach Musa, Coach Edwin, Coach Obek and Coach Timothy Magezi and so on and so forth.

Remember earlier we said Hajjat and Mr. Lukwago played  a huge role in NABISUNSA SPORTS HISTORY.  Fun fact:’Hajjat has been the patron basketball since1985’ Hajjat says that managing all the 5 sports just as two people was difficult, her alone was handling Basketball ,Netball and Volleyball, Mr. Lukwago on the other hand was handling Lawntennis , Hanball but also helped a lot in Volley ball. Sports started  becoming profound with Nabisunsa having a strong team in each field.

By 1998 , 12 years later , Nabisunsa was one of the pioneers of the first ever FEASA games that took place in, Nairobi, Kenya, with our Volleyball team as champions , Basketball team as runners up and NGS taking the most disciplined award. This was just the beginning for Nabisunsa Sports. Just as everything was going great a very unfortunate event occurred, the death of the late Mr. Lukwago,(May His Soul Rest in Peace). This impacted the sports sector especially the Volleyball team ,it caused a major set back till date. “ Mr.Lukwago had a huge impact on Volleyball, the Volleyball then has never been the same till today.” says Hajjat Simple.                                                                                                                                                                                  Slowly by slowly , Netball also went downhill because there were no trainers or patron to help look for them. Hajjat also couldn’t help because  she already had Basketball to take care of. Although , Ms, Nambasa , a former student of Nabisunsa has tried to restore the great team but is finding difficult because she is very busy.

I think you can see how ‘sports is journey not a destination.’ The sports sector has come from far, as much all this has happened , we can’t deny the fact that the Sports sector has put its mark on the name on Nabisunsa .                  

Compiled by Bukenya Aliyah Ruth F.2 SOUTH


Mr. Lukwago Osman was a Tr. At Nabisunsa Girl’s School , he was also a Games Master.  He is mostly remembered for his love for sports in particular volleyball. During his regime , the school didn’t face any financial challenges , he was so generous that he would pick form his own pocket and facilitate the different sports at times.

Mr . Lukwago was a very innovative , genuine and generous man as you can see from above , looking out for everyone in every aspect , the needy kids in school for example those who couldn’t afford fees, welfare of  ;the teachers , the students , the askaris ,literally everyone in school , the sports sector in school , he was an all rounder .

Despite how educated he was and the position he held after leaving Nabisunsa , he was selfless and down to earth. “ I can’t compare any staff in Nabisunsa to the Late Mr.Lukawago , we lost a good person in the society” said Mr. Habib.  “ I remember when I was getting introduced in 2005 ,it rained heavily and we only had 1 car, so Mr . Lukwago helped us and transported all the gifts to the reception . He had a very big heart ,I can’t find the right words to express who he was .”

Mr. Lukwago was blessed with intelligence and a very innovative mind, there was even a time he advised the head teacher by then, Hajjat Aisha, to build two more streams in order to increase the number of lessons rather than penalize teachers for missing lessons, he’s the reason the streams East and West exist today. He was a councilor to all in school from students ,to teachers , askers name it , he was really a community member .

Volleyball was he’s most prized possession, “ Mr. Lukwago loved Volleyball so much .” said Mr. Ssemugu( A former teacher of Nabisunsa Girls’ School) . He loved the girls like he’s own daughters, he even went to the extent of creating opportunities for the volleyball girls , so many that passed through him were able to go to USA on scholarship.  Some of the girls that got the chance , were Achio Peninah , Nakomaya Miriam , Evano Dorris , Seguya Mariam , Nakibake and so many others  , we cant exhaust them all.   He formed ‘ Club 61’ which is one of the best and most known Volleyball team in Uganda and beyond.    “ There is no way you can talk about Club 61 in Uganda and East Africa without mentioning Mr. Lukwago.” Said Mr. Ssemugu John.   Mr . Lukwago loved Volleyball so much  that even after he left Nabisunsa , he came back occasionally to check on his team and  pay coaches to coach volleyball.

In conclusion, “ Mr. Lukwago was very helpful , reliable ,trustworthy and dependable for both teachers and students.”