Happiness is an inside job

It’s been a long hard sleepless struggle but we are finally done! We are proud to acknowledge the completion of “The Sunsas Legacy(TSL)” Pop off to Bilton Mweru and Mr. Kalema Ayub Golooba for being there for us from the dawn of the journey to the dusk of it. You truly deserve an award for your enormous efforts.

Happiness is an inside job

By Nagginda Maisoon and Karungi Daniella

“Kaddunabbi Road”

After many years of near-death on the road to the great administration block, the Nabisunsa community finally gets a road renovation donated by a great loving parent, Hon. Kaddunabbi. Long story short, the Honourable has just donated 35 million to the development of what half of the girls now refer to as “Ailah Road” or, as the other half loves to call it, “Kaddunabbi Road.” It is our humble pleasure to declare the road’s addition to the list of the three main major roads i.e. Romantic Road, Kagomesi Road and KCCA Road.

“Ailah Road”

By Karungi Daniella and Nagginda Maisoon