Atwiine Daniella-S1-Nabisunsa Girls School-Essay submission to the 2022 Common wealth essay competition

Once upon a time in South Africa, the nation was filled with a lot of hatred. Black people were not allowed to use the same trains or schools or toilets or toys as white people. Imagine how dark the nation was! The world was a very dark person with black people seen as second-class citizens while white people were enjoying the status of being in the high society.

Before this happened, a black boy was born to a chief in South Africa. Because of his privileged back ground, he got an opportunity to go to school and later finished to become a lawyer after which he married a very beautiful black girl called Winnie. Even after marriage, the son of the chief was always troubled by how white people treated black people on streets and in all areas of the South African society.

Being born to a chief, he had enjoyed the opportunity of always listening to the elders at his father’s compound discussing the issues of the society and as a result, he became fluent at issues that affect the society at a young age. His name is Nelson Mandela Madiba; the son of a chief .

Troubled by how his fellow black men and women were treated , he chose to gather his friends and start a resistance movement against the dissemination of black people . The South African government responded heavily arresting his colleagues in order to kill their spirit while killing some of them arbitrarily. It was indeed a very dark nation; as dark as a dungeon.

Gradually, as events turned from page to page, he was arrested and sentenced to 27 years in Robin Island prison which means that he wouldn’t see his family regularly or even fight for his fellow black people.  All hope seemed to have been lost after the pillar of the black people’s resistance was in a distant prison on an island.  Even if the architects of prison break had attempted to break in, they wouldn’t manage to. The island was so secured against any attacks.

  Imagine all the pain That he went through while hewing stones every day, reminiscing all the lost hopes that were at bay because of his arrest. He must have been troubled every morning and evening while reminiscing on how his children were missing him; on whether they were safe from those who put him in jail. Due to the fact the prison was far away, his wife would only visit him once in a while without the children since prisons didn’t allow children visitors at that time. His children would later come to see him when they came of age. How torturous this was to the young father of beautiful girls.

As the days went by, the government of South Africa started receiving a lot of pressure from the blacks in demonstrations and their partners in America and Europe to end discrimination of black people which led to his release from prison after 27 years of prison. What a turn of events for the son of the chief and father of beautiful girls?

When he came out of prison, he was like a god to black people who saw him as their source of hope and revenge to some people for the wrongs the government had done to them. Fortunately, he was elected the first black president of the republic of South Africa .

 In a rare turn of events, Madiba decided not to revenge against the whites for the wrongs they had committed. He only focused on securing political leadership for the black people. Why would be do this yet he had the power to provide revenge for the wrongs that were done to his people.

Madiba went on to reconcile whites with black people emphasising that South Africans should not discriminate any human being whether they’re black or white. This was a true expression of purity of heart and firm conviction in values in non-discrimination of all people regardless of the colour of their skin. Madiba taught us hatred and anger can be washed away by love, peace, unity and the spirit of Ubuntu which emphasises the idea that the society thrives only when we do unto others what we would have expected to do for us.

That was the story of Madiba, the lion with a lamb heart.

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