Essay submission by Raima Muhammad to the Oxford University Apollo fellowship

What if this world were like complex software and each one of us were an algorithm in this ocean of algorithms? What if we were programs machines with technology that serves the best interest of a powerful simulator? That would mean that all our worst fears of powerful forces controlling our lives by creating new realities being the only reality.

The simulation theory is the ultimate theory that denotes that all of our existence is a simulated reality that convinces all of its inhabitants that it is real. In the proverbial West especially in scientific fora, it is believed that the universe began as just a single point and then expanded and stretched to grow as large as it is right now but this theory remains a debate because we don’t get any clear explanation where that point truly came from to expand because everything in this life is caused by something.

In the global east and global south especially in India ,Asia and Africa, it is widely believed that God is the Supreme Being who was never created but created the universe. Although this is debated because we don’t understand where God came from it is easier to believe because all we have around us cannot exist without a master mind.

Let’s look at it! If this idea was to be true, that would mean that our world is Gods computer and as much as many of us believe that we have free will this is merely the deceptive appearance of things. Our world would be a virtual reality created by God as he watches over all of us and he determines our fate. Our choices then would be predetermined by his divine power and with what he chooses our world is reshaped drastically from the different religions that rise up and tend to set up criteria for how God wants us to behave.

But of course human beings always search for the truth and in that a theory of God being man made arises. The idea of human beings having created God was a number of Old Testament Jewish Prophets from the eighth century and onwards basing on the idea that humans created this to give hope to others because society would go to turmoil if we found out that the world was an endless void.

To determine if something is morally justified or not we need to consider if the means to that end are desirable or if that end gives us more benefits than the harms .If we take up the big bang theory or the idea that God was made up by man it entirely means that all of the good things we have been for nothing. Here we cease to believe the assimilation theory and God which means we drop all the religions which have been keeping us intact for a long time with their preaching’s of goodness and good public relations. This is morally unjustified because the end is undesirable because it causes a damaged society and we seek to fight for a great society.

But if we believe in the simulation theory, we get a more desirable world because we get to believe in God and with God come with religion. And religion having the greatest impact in the world given the fact that it joins majority of the society. This brings us more benefits because we tend to be pulled to the side of God.

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