Our Story

It is a long established fact that we are champions of change.


A versatile Girl child who is composed, dignified, morally upright and globally competitive.

How we began

From humble beginnings

In 1943 the Colonial Government approached Prince Badru Kakungulu as leader of Muslims to consent and give up the site on which the Nakawa mosque stood for government to construct a camp for World War II veterans.  (presently occupied by Uganda Revenue Authority).  Prince Badru Kakungulu promised to give up the site, although quite historical as far as Muslims were concerned, provided the government exchanged it for 20 acres of land at Banda.  The Nakawa mosque was important because it was where Muteesa 1 became a Muslim and observed the early Ramadhans.  On 10/11/1943 Prince Badru appointed Ramadhan Gava to negotiate with Government officials on behalf of the Muslims for the transfer of an appropriate exchange.

Eventually the negotiations were completed and on 8/5/1947 Prince Badru officially informed the Government to register the 20 acres of land at Banda together with other land in the country for Islamic purposes in the names of Young Men’s Muslim Association. However this was not done and there was no written documentation to support it. Eventually after along process, we managed to register it in the names of the Board of Governors Nabisunsa Muslim Girls’ School in 2002.

Haji Gava Ramathan and Bandali Jafer with the Agakhan assistance of one shilling to a shilling by Ugandan Muslims supervised the building program of Nabisunsa Girls’ School under the watchful eye of the Prince and in 1956 the building program was completed. Prince Badru named the school after his grandmother Omuzaana Nabisunsa, the mother of the Late Prince Noah Mbogo, a devoted Muslim.

We started as a Girls’ Boarding School. In 1958 it became a Junior Secondary School. At its enrollment the Headmistress Miss E.N. Dimblebee said that 56 girls’ had been enrolled. Ten of the pupils were not Muslims since it had not been possible to find sufficient Muslim girls at that time. Later in 1964, it turned into a Senior Secondary School and attained ‘A’ level status in 1980.

In the hearts of its founders, it was meant to be the best Girls’ School in the country and since its inception until about 1969, it was headed by British Expatriate Headmistresses.

Being a Muslim founded school it was emphasized that girls should take pride in their religion and be examples of Good Educated Muslim Women, with the value of the fear of Allah. That everything possible had to be done to achieve that status.

There had been great fear that the few Muslim girls who had joined the church schools had and were converting to other religion.

That said right from when the school opened it registered many girls from other religious denominations. Over the years Nabisunsa has lived up to the dreams of the founders. Many prominent figures in this country have been nurtured by this great institution.



Vision: A versatile Girl child who is composed, dignified, morally upright and globally competitive.
Mission: Nabisunsa will excel in providing a holistic quality Education to girl child.

Core Values: God fearing, self discipline, integrity, nobility, commitment to excellence, team work.




Nabisunsa Girls’ School is among the best government Aided Schools in Uganda, offering a wide range of curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Quality is the corner stone of our academic programmes. All programmes offered meet the stringent requirements of the Government of Uganda. The curriculum is distinctive in its breadth and academic rigour. It is an imaginative and well balanced curriculum tailored to the needs of each student individually. This is manifested in the optional subjects like Computer studies, Home economics, Agriculture etc which students take at will.
We provide both sciences and Arts at ordinary and Advanced level. They are all taught respectively and the students are encouraged to excel in their specialties. International languages like French, German and Arabic are part of our curriculum. We have also started a theological curriculum, to supplement the already existing one.



All-rounded development is pivital to the educational process. As such, we nurture girls to be both professionally and socially confident. At Nabisunsa we are proud of our commitment to sports and recreational activities. We believe these activities play an important role in providing a wholesome and well balanced growth. This is reflected in our standing as one of the most successful girls’ school in sporting competitions. We are champions of basketball for over a decade. We are seed N0.1 in Lawn tennis.




The school has buses that transport students to other schools for seminars, field trips, sports competition as well as school tours. They were purchased by Parents.

The atmosphere of living on campus and interacting with friends from all over Uganda and
neighbourng countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda is a life changing experience.
We have eight houses of accommodation found on the Eastern and Western side of the school identified by four colours i.e Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink. They are looked after by teachers who are housemistresses and house fathers. The houses are: Green East , Green West, Blue East, Blue West, Pink East, Pink West, Yellow East, Yellow West

The ‘A’ level students reside in the mighty White hall house.

Meet Our Team

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Hajjat Zulaikah Nabukeera


Hajjat Mastula Nambajjwe

Deputy - Disciplinary Committee

Hajjat Aisha Nakibuule Kibirige

Deputy - Welfare

Hajj Badru Kimera

Deputy - Academics

Mr. Miuwa Mustafa

Director of Studies

Sheik Kalema

School Sheik